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Dr. Edie Fritz has been an educator for more than 30 years.  During this time she has been fortunate to teach in special education and regular classroom settings.  She has successfully integrated various classroom programs and techniques for more than seventeen years in the United States, Japan and Germany.  In addition, she has served in a variety of supervisory roles and has been principal of an elementary school.

"Edie brought to this faculty considerable knowledge in curriculum and special education...I can always count on her to be compassionate and kind with all the children and parents, regardless of the circumstances...", says her former principal, Mr. T.T. McCord, from Baumholder elementary School in Baumholder, Germany.

"Getting the job done frequently requires a careful balancing of divergent personalities...Edie's effectiveness has been truly exceptional...she has successfully dealt with persons from a wide variety of levels and backgrounds", writes Dr. Richard D. Packard, Center for Excellence in Education at Northern Arizona University.

Additional travel in Scandinavia, Denmark, Finland, Southeast Asia, Philippines, The Republic of China, and Indonesia has expanded her personal learning experiences and given her a broader perspective from which to share her knowledge.

Her favorite experiences have also included implememting emotional management and stress reduction tools for students and their parents.  "No matter what capacity I have found myself in, children and families have been my primary focus", says Dr. Fritz.

In Dr. Fritz’s experience, there has always been a percentage of children that have been difficult to reach regardless of the prevailing educational philosophies or preferred curricular programs.  These she has called "my 3 o’clock kids." "They are the ones I wake up thinking about at 3 o’clock in the morning. The ones who have struggled so valiantly and continuously with whatever they have been given and are still having difficulty."

In addition to participation in various professional organizations, recognitions and awards, Dr. Fritz has been active in various communities groups including Girl Scouts, Special Olympics, and was Cultural Affairs Coordinator in Japan.

As a devoted life long educator, Dr. Fritz believes that, finally, she has found a missing piece to the puzzle of why these individuals have had such a difficult time learning academics, even though they are very intelligent and quite often highly articulate.

"To have access to this knowledge and not to use is inconceivable, says Dr. Fritz.  "I have seen such positive results with these procedures that I have left the education system to offer these tools on a full time basis to all individuals who may benefit."

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