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Phoenix, Arizona


This program is tailored to your needs and may include advanced techniques and procedures that go beyond the basic information contained in The Gift of Dyslexia, by Ron Davis. The following outline contains many of the aspects of this program.

  • The Davis Dyslexia Correction Program ®  is a highly effective set of corrective procedures and techniques that identifies and treats the cause of the learning disability.
  • Provides a program different from others. These methods address the root cause of learning disabilities and not just the symptoms. 
  • The Program corrects the learning disability using the natural strengths and talents of the individual’s personal thinking and learning style. 
  • This Program is intensive and fun.
  • Other remediation and therapy programs will work better and faster with the tools provided in this Program.
  • Motivation is a key factor in the success of the Program. The client who is willing to continue using the Symbol Mastery®  steps will experience the most success.
  • The following learning disabilities stem from the same cause as dyslexia, so they too can be corrected.
    • Handwriting difficulties (dysgraphia)
    • Math difficulties (dyscalcula)
    • ADD ( attention deficit disorder)
    • Auditory perception disorder
    • Motor coordination difficulties
    • Problems with time and order
THE FIRST STEP  is a screening procedure to determine if the client would benefit from the program. 
  • Davis Perceptual Ability Assessment®.  A screening to determine theability to perceive multi-dimensionally and tailor the program to the iindividual.

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